Class 12 Physics Important Question , Mind map , Derivation , Ncert , Graphs Pdf 2023-2024 by adarsh barnwal

Class 12 Physics Important Question , Mind map , Derivation , Ncert , Graphs Pdf 2024-2025

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Hi guys as the examination is nearby and tension is high , I have tried my level best to bring the Most important questions with solution for Class 12 Physics , which will help you to score good marks in 2023 board examination even if your syllabus is half completed. Class 12 Physics Important Question , Mind map , Derivation , Ncert , Graphs Pdf 2024-2025.

So, your board examinations are around the corner, we hope that you all are working really hard to achieve the goals you all have set for your board examinations. You all must be knowing that from the year 2023, your vocational subjects examinations will be started in the month of February and main subjects examinations will start in the first week of March. So, now it is important for you all to wind up with your syllabus by mid November and then devote your full time for your revision work to get better results.

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Marking Scheme 2024

Type of QuestionsNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
1 Mark Questions1818
2 Mark Questions714
3 Mark Questions515
5 Marks Questions315
4 Mark Questions28

Latest Blueprints for CBSE Class 12th Physics

UnitName of UnitsWeightage
IElectrostaticsChapter 1- Electric Charges and FieldsChapter 2- Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance16
IICurrent ElectricityChapter 3- Current Electricity
IIIMagnetic Effects of Current and MagnetismChapter 4- Moving Cgarges and MagnetismChapter 5- Magnetism and Matter17
IVElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentsChapter 6- Electromagnetic InductionChapter 7- Alternating Current
VElectromagnetic WavesChapter 8- Electromagnetic Waves18
VIOpticsChapter 9- Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsChapter 10- Wave Optics
VIIDual Nature of Matter and RadiationChapter 11- Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter12
VIIIAtoms and NucleiChapter 12- AtomsChapter 13- Nuclei
IXElectronic DevicesChapter 14- SemiconductorElectronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits07
Total Marks70

CBSE Class 12 Physics deleted syllabus 2023-24

The list of deleted topics from Theory part of syllabus is compiled in the table above.

Chapter NameDeleted Topics
Electric Charges and FieldUniformly Charged Thin Spherical Shell
Current Electricity1. Carbon resistors and color code for carbon resistors

2. Series and parallel combinations of resistors
Moving Charges & MechanismCyclotron
Magnetism & Matter1. Magnetic field intensity due to a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) along its axis and perpendicular to its axis.

2. Torque on a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) in a uniform magnetic field
3. Para-, dia- and ferromagnetic substances, with examples.

4. Electromagnets and factors affecting their strength.

5. Permanent magnet.
Alternating CurrentPower factor and Wattless current
Electromagnetic WavesThe basic idea of displacement current
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments1. Reflection of light,
2. Spherical mirrors(recapitulation)
3. Mirror formula
4. Scattering of light–the blue color of the sky and the reddish appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset.
5. Resolving the power of microscope and astronomical telescope,
6. Polarisation
7. Plane-polarised light
8. Brewster’s law,
9.Uses of plane polarised light and Polaroids
Dual Nature of radiation and matterDavission German Experiment
Nuclei1. Radioactivity, alpha, beta and gamma particles/rays and their properties
2. Radioactive decay law, half life and mean life
3. Binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number
Semiconductor Electronics1. Zener diode and their characteristics,
2. Zener diode as a voltage regulators

CBSE Class 12 aspirants who will appear in CBSE Board Exam 2023 must be aware of the deleted chapters/topics. In CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022-2023, the CBSE board has removed around 30% of the complete syllabus. Some chapters and topics have been removed from the CBSE syllabus to ease the exam preparation for the aspirants and reduce the burden

Class 12 Physics Important Question 2024-2025

Do these questions multiple times and revise before exam, try to solve atleast 5 sample paper before exam, it will help you to increase your speed. And Note one thing – Important Questions Doesnt mean it will come straight away in the exams. At last you will have to use your brain to solve tricky questions / Numericals

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Class 12 Important Question With Solution

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Important Preparation tips for Class 12 Physics

  1. Physics board exam strictly follows the NCERT textbook as it covers the entire class 12 Physics syllabus. So students are recommended to study from the NCERT Class 12 Physics book.
  2. Students should have important formulas at their fingertips so that they can answer the numerical questions quickly.
  3. Students must practice each derivation at least trice so that in the exam it won’t take much time.
  4. The Physics Paper has a mandatory drawing question either of a graph or a device. Students should pay attention to the key features of the diagram to score full marks on this question.
  5. Students should solve previous year class 12 physics question papers with a time slot of 3 hours. This will prepare their body and mind for the actual examination.

The strategy to score 90+ in CBSE 12 Physics

  • •  Students who are weaker in Mathematics should try to read Modern Physics initially. The Semiconductor chapter is one of the most important chapters as its weight-age is around 8 marks. Atom and Nuclei together constitute 6 marks.
  • •  The next set of chapters will consist of Dual Nature of Radiation which carries 4 marksCommunication system constitutes 3 marks. Having command over these chapters help students a great deal in scoring higher marks in Physics.
  • •  Now you need to go for important and difficult chapters like Optics which carries 14 marks in the board exam.
  • •  In Optics, you need to complete Ray optics first, which is easier to study. In Wave Optics, you should concentrate more on problems of Interference, Diffraction, and Young’s double slit experiment.
  • •  Current and Electricity is also an easier chapter and it carries 7 marks.
  • •  If one has not studied Electrostatics and Magnetism till date then it is better to leave these chapters because these two units consume more time than the others. However, these chapters are very important for competitive exams.
  • •  EMI is another unit that you need to focus on to score well. It is an important unit both for the board exam and competitive exams.
  • •  Practice the ray diagram and other important diagrams carefully. Drawing and studying will help you understand many topics faster and in an easier way.
  • •  Try to solve objective problems to make yourself efficient in solving 1 mark questions in the exam; this will be a bonus for you.
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