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Jee Advanced 2024-2025 Revised Syllabus , Changes , Important Chapters

Jee Advanced Jee Mains
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JEE Advanced 2023 Syllabus has been released by IIT on the official website at The syllabus has been revised for all the three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Therefore the candidates who plan to appear for JEE Advanced 2023 need to prepare a study plan based on the revised syllabus.

  • JEE Advanced consists of two papers- Paper 1 and 2, both of which are compulsory to attempt. Check JEE Advanced Exam Pattern
  • As per the revised JEE Advanced 2023 Syllabus,
    • JEE Advanced 2023 Mathematics Syllabus includes topics such as Sets, Relations, and Functions, Algebra, Matrices, among other topics.
    • JEE Advanced 2023 Physics Syllabus includes topics under the broad categories of General Physics, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, among others.
    • JEE Advanced 2023 Chemistry Syllabus covers topics including the States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, and Molecular Structure, among others.
  • As per experts, JEE Advanced 2023 Syllabus is in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020 and matches NCERT Cirriculum

The JEE Advanced 2023 will be held on the basis of a new revised syllabus. Aspirants of JEE Advanced 2023 can visit the official website of JEE Advanced, which is for seeking details about the new revised syllabus.

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Jee Advanced Revised Syllabus for All the Three Subjects

The revised syllabus for JEE Advanced 2023 for all three subjects including Physics, Mathematics, and chemistry can be accessed from the official website

The new revised syllabus will be more in sync with the CBSE and JEE Main Examination than before.

Jee Advanced New Chapters to be Included in the Syllabus

There will be new chapters in the revised syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 which means aspirants will have to prepare for more chapters. The revised syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 envisages a larger syllabus than before. The aspirants will have to prepare a dedicated strategy for the JEE Adv 2023 in view of the changes in the syllabus. The new syllabus for JEE Adv 2023 Exam will have additions of statistics in Mathematics. The solution of the triangle chapters & Harmonic progession has been removed from the revised syllabus. In Chemistry : Environmental Chemistry , topic like – maltose , lactose , Anomers have been added

In Physics, EM waves and polarization and forced and damped oscillation have been added to the revised syllabus. Meanwhile, the semiconductors and communications have been dropped from the revised syllabus. The top 2.50 lakh aspirants of JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Adv every year.

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New Pattern and Syllabus for Design Entrance Exams

A new paper pattern and syllabus has also been introduced for design entrance exams, CEED and UCEED. The design entrance exam has two parts which are Part A and Part B. Part A is the computer-based test that has three sections including NAT, MSQ, and MCQ. The part B exam will be held for 60 min and will have two sections – Drawing and the other on design aptitude. The question in Part B will be displayed on the computer screen and the answer has to be written/drawn in the answer book provided by the invigilator only.

The Revised Syllabus has Witnessed the Addition of More Chapters and the Exclusion of Some Chapters. Overall, the Syllabus of JEE Advanced 2023 has Increased

Jee Advanced New Syllabus PDF – Click

JEE Advanced 2022 Subject-wise Weightage


SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarksWeightage
Electric Current3119.17%
Electromagnetic Induction132.50%
Rotational Motion397.50%
Simple Harmonic Motion132.50%
Geometrical Optics51613.33%
Wave Optics143.33%
Photoelectric Effect132.50%
Kinematic Theory of Gases132.50%
Units & Dimensions132.50%
Error Analysis132.50%


SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarksWeightage
Stoichiometry & SBC3108.33%
Liquid Solution275.83%
Solid State265.00%
Chemical Kinetics132.50%
Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry132.50%
Ionic Equilibrium132.50%
Carbohydrates, Amincids, Polymer3108.33%
Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives143.33%
Aldehydes & Ketones143.33%
Alcohol, Ether & Phenols132.50%
Alkyl & Aryl Halides132.50%
Boron & Carbon Family3119.17%
Ores & Metallurgy286.67%
Chemical Bonding275.83%
P-Block Elements265.00%
Hydrogen & S-Block132.50%
D-Block Elements & CC132.50%
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SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarksWeightage
Progressions & Series3119.17%
Complex Numbers3108.33%
Differential Equations275.83%
Definite Integration265.00%
Indefinite Integration143.33%
Solution of Triangles143.33%
Inverse Circular Functions132.50%
Trignometric Ratios & Identities132.50%
Trignometric Equations132.50%
Limits, Continuity & Differentiability265.00%
3DG: Plane143.33%
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