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Job Opportunities in Computer Science Engineering

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Computer Engineering has always been one of the top in-demand career choices for young aspirants. This is primarily because the field branches out into numerous specializations, thereby creating a host of career paths for Computer Engineers. However, the sheer number of career choices available in Computer Engineering can often become overwhelming for many. confusing numerous people in their job search for computer engineering jobs after completing their courses.

Computer Science Engineering: Eligibility Criteria

For any student aspiring to take up Computer Science Engineering as a career, it is important to have some basic educational eligibility, both at under-graduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG) levels.

  • UG Level: Students need to pass their Class XII examination from a recognised board having Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their core subjects. Also, they need to secure 60 per cent as minimum aggregate marks as combined in the above-mentioned subjects.
  • PG Level: Students need to complete their B.Tech degree in the same specialisation with having a pass percentage in aggregate of the subjects studied at the degree level.

Computer Science Engineering: Required Skillset

Only educational requirement is not enough for a student to pursue this course. They need to possess certain key skills that would distinguish them from the rest. To study computer science engineering, one must possess the following skillset:

  • Good programming skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of basic web development
  • Critical thinking & analytical skills
  • Basics of security, vulnerabilities and cryptography
  • Basics of Machine Learning
  • Strong data structures and algorithms skills
  • Fast-learning skills

You can choose your desired computer engineering job based on the different types of computer engineering fields available.  Some of the major types of computer engineering and their related jobs are listed below.

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Software Developer

Software development: Most of the students enter Engineering with the dream to pursue this profile. As it’s one of the best career options, it’s also very common yet a highly important job. It includes designing, creating, testing, and managing the development of different software applications. There are a variety of positions in this job profile and according to the position, one has to be able to analyze, improve and innovate with new technologies in development. The application levels differ from domain to domain as this profile exists in so many fields, from the Banking sector, Digital Marketing, E-commerce to the Agriculture sector. 

Average Income: It lies around Rs. 4.5 – Rs. 5 LPA. It ranges anywhere between Rs. 3 – Rs. 7 LPA for freshers and increases up to 10-15 LPA after years of experience.

Skills Required: One must be well known for at least one path of software development. There are so many programming languages and technologies to associate software development so, choosing one and learning its supporting technologies works the best.

i] JAVA: To develop Desktop-level applications, tools or do some backend development for projects, even for web development. 

ii] C++: Applications that mostly communicate with the OS, Embedded technologies, IoT, and Game development.

iii] Python: Scripting in complex Websites, create and deploy API, and/or manage the microservices and, develop environments for ML and high-level computing technologies.

These are just the gist of what is used in the industry, so researching what to follow is an important part. A Software Developer must be logical and a thinker to implement any piece of code.

Full Stack Software Developer

Full Stack Development is one of the hottest careers after Data Science and AI currently. From the frontend design of requirements to interfacing it with Backend with server-side and database-side programming, a Full Stack Developer has to do it all as part of his/her job. A Full Stack Developer has to be skilled in almost all aspects of Web Development from Graphic Design to bringing the Design to actually Frontend Development and then, writing scripts and Backend code to use the Frontend efficiently while maintaining the principles and rules of utilizing different resources in the Backend,

Several aspects of Data Communication, Computer Networking, and System Design come into play during the Full Stack Development.

Average Income: Around Rs. 5.5 – Rs. 6 LPA. It ranges anywhere between Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA for freshers and increases up to 10-15 LPA after years of experience.


i] Frontend Development: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, frameworks like Angular JS, React, etc.

ii] Backend Development: JS, PHP, JAVA, Python, .NET frameworks like Node.js, J2EE, etc

iii] Database Technologies: MySQL, PosgreSQL, OracleDB, MongoDB

iv] Other Requirements: API Design and maintenance

Data Analyst

Data Analytics is a very recent upsurging field and has gained the likes of millions of professionals and thousands of communities as a career. Data Analysts perform Data Mining, Data Inspection, Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling, and Report Generation to ensure good Business and Technology related decisions for a company. The current upsurge has caused many firms, from short-scale to big giants to hire Data Analysts with profound skills to work on their problems and devise a solution in order to make a commendable growth in terms of Business and Technology.

Average Income: Around Rs. 4.5LPA – 5 LPA. Although it ranges from Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA, most of the firms offer a bit static salary ranging between Rs. 5 to Rs. 8 LPA.


i] Strong Analytical skills and decision-making powers.

ii] Statistical Programming Languages: Python/R.

iii] Database Knowledge and strong SQL skills are also a requirement.

Data Scientist

“The current Data Analysts are future Data Scientists” is a saying followed and heard in many Data Science communities. The reason being, a Data Scientist is also responsible for a Data Analyst’s job in some terms.

A Data Scientist is a master of the art of Data Science. Data Scientists are more concerned with creating and deriving values from the insights formulated by Data Analysts. They revolve around the ideologies of using several resources in terms of Technology and Business statistics of a company and producing a valuable idea to make the Companies more profitable and more commendable in terms of their position and competition in the active scenarios. Along with these important responsibilities, the Data Scientists are also responsible for development culture wherever the Data products are used. So they are everything, from developers to decision-makers to the company empowerers.

Average Income: The current Average salary is: Rs. 8 LPA. It ranges from Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA with years of experience.


i] Statistical and Analytical Skills.

ii] Programming and Development Skills including coding, software development, and design, DBMS, Networking and Cloud Technologies.

iii] Engineering Processes.

iv] Strong knowledge of Mathematics.

Database Administrator

Databases are an important asset to any company and, to manage them, it’s important to ensure strong security and administration. The Database Administrators take up this vital job to manage and ensure proper functioning and access to the Databases.

They’re responsible for many perspectives such as the Quality Control and Reporting of various parts of Software Design where the communication and interpretability with Databases is concerned.

Average Income: Around Rs. 5 LPA, ranging between Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA.

Skills Required:

Ability to use data modelling and database design techniques, ensuring proper data integrity and a good, secure DB infrastructure, knowledge of ERP and Business oriented reporting as well as writing efficient SQL code.

Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security revolves around very complex aspects and logical skills. A Cyber Security Specialist is a professional who inspects the security of different networks and applications connected to these networks. A student needs to know Computer Networks and various state-of-the-art techniques used in Cyber Security along with the evolving algorithms day by day. The job comprises rigorous thought processes and strategies to ensure the opposite angle is looked upon and what action should be taken to solve the problem, it uses Reverse Engineering.

Average Income: Rs. 7 – Rs. 10 LPA. The overall income ranges between Rs. 7 – Rs. 15 LPA.

Skills Required: 

i] Strong IT skills.

ii] Ability to follow a forensic approach.

iii] Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.

iv] Strong knowledge of Network and Security.

Along with all of the above, it’s good to obtain certifications such as SSCP, CISSP or CISM to ensure better chances.

Data Engineer

Although Data Science is a recently surging trend, Data has been existing for a long time. To ensure that the data storage, infrastructure and management systems are maintained with efficiency and scalability. It’s also the duty of a Data Engineer to create software components and tools which would be useful for the infrastructure in terms of the development cycle as well as Business.

Average Income: Rs. 8 – Rs. 9 LPA. It ranges between Rs. 4 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA.

Skills Required:

i] DBMS Knowledge

ii] Data Warehousing and ETL tools

iii] Machine Learning

iv] Knowledge of Distributed Systems

v] Handy with Scripting languages

vi] Known to Big Data frameworks

vii] Cloud Technologies

Machine Learning Engineer

The ML Engineers are specialized in designing and building intelligent systems that be used in several software systems as well as by Businesses for various purposes. They develop ML and DL based, AI-powered systems which are highly advanced and have very specific and high-level purposes. Machine Learning Engineers usually don’t deal with the lower level development aspects.

Average Income: Rs. 7 LPA, ranges between Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA.

Skills Required:

i] Strong Mathematics

ii] Computer Science Fundamentals

iii] State-of-the-art ML Algorithms, NN based Algorithms

iv] Data Modeling and Evaluation

v] Ability to develop advanced ML and DL Systems

Computer Network Architect

The Network Architects design and implement the Data communication and networking systems. They’re responsible for the company’s overall network infrastructure as well as communication methodologies. From analyzing and simulating current data traffic to estimating how the network will grow and what should be used to maintain it is what Computer Network Architect will do.

Average Income: Rs. 15 LPA – Rs. 20 LPA, ranging between Rs. 10 LPA to Rs. 30 LPA.

Skills Required: 

1] Strong knowledge of Computer Networks

2] Known to Digital Security

3] Ability to design and develop efficient Computer Networks

4] Maintain servers and other network technologies in the physical networking world

System Administrators

System Administrators have existed in the IT Industry for many decades. They are responsible for the administration and inspection of local Infrastructure. They are responsible for maintaining the systems’ health and maintenance. They must also know Documentation and User training to train and guide the Company’s Development team to use the system.

Recently, the System Admins have had an upsurge after years of stagnant technologies in their profiles. Thus, a System Admin now has to be good with DevOps and Automation frameworks to operate the infrastructure.

Average Income: Rs. 4 LPA, ranging between Rs. 2 LPA to Rs. 9 LPA. Although the current trend might increase these salaries based on upgrading the skills with DevOps for the same position.

Skills Required:

i] Knowledge of Computer Systems

ii] Expert in Networks

iii] Databases and Web services

iv] A strong problem solver

V] DevOps Frameworks, Automation Tools, ex: Ansible

QA/Test Automation Engineers

Recently, DevOps has bridged the gap between Software Development and IT Operations, ensuring a really efficient merge. SDLC has taken an innovative turn with it and has been the main focus area. QA Automation Engineers have thus gained momentum for testing and automating several SDLC components.

The QA Automation Engineers ensure Automation in the testing processes to make it faster and more efficient than the manual testing ideologies. From Unit testing to Performance Testing, QA engineers regulate neat tests.

Average Income: Rs. 5 LPA, ranging between Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA

Skills Required:

i] Familiarity with Java and VBScript

ii] Strong Analytical skills

iii] Knowledge of Bug fixing and testing protocols

iv] Advanced programming skills such as Automation systems and their processes.

Game Developer

Every teenager’s dream is to work for Unity, EA Sports, PUBG Corporation, Rockstar Games and SCS Software to develop their favourite games more intuitively. One can become a Game Developer in real life by building relevant skills. It’s important to have the ability to design, be creative and produce interfaces to meet the requirements of the game and/or simulation software used for a large variety of applications.

Average Income: Rs. 5 LPA, ranging between Rs. 2 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA depending upon the quality of development and seniority.

Skills Required:

i] Strong programming skills

ii] Known to high-level programming languages, especially C++ is a beginning

iii] Known to a few Development Environments/Engines such as unity in terms of concepts and working

iv] Highly skilled with Graphics and Animation

v] Strong logical skills and decision-making


These are the fastest-growing tech jobs for 2021, the ones who acquire the required skills with certification can make a successful career in this tech field. Check out Great Learning Academy to understand more about these popular career paths/tech jobs and dive deeper. Hope it helps you upskill and power ahead!

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