Quadratic Equation Jee mains 2023 Handwritten Notes and Previous year question

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Mathematics is the most vital parts of the entrance in fact, an indispensible part of human race. Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics have an equal weightage in the JEE but Mathematics has an edge over the other two as in case of a tie in the overall score of two or more candidates, the score in mathematics is considered to be the deciding factor.

The subject is like the king of science which lays the foundation for Physics and Chemistry. Topics like calculus, differential equations and quadratic equations are used in almost all the questions of physics and chemistry.Jee mains syllabus is a perfect blend of easy and difficult topics. Some topics like probability, trigonometry, differential calculus, circles and straight lines in coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations in algebra are always easy to crack jee.

Those days are gone when students used to spend hours in attempting one question. This is an era of multiple choice questions. Mathematics questions in the JEE test a student’s acquired knowledge as well as his aptitude.


  1. Statistics- 4 marks
  2. Height and Distance- 4 marks
  3. Mathematical Reasonong- 4marks
  4. Matrices and Determinant- 8 marks
  5. Sets,Relation and function – 8 marks
  6. Vector and 3D– 8 marks
  7. Quadratic equation– 4 Marks
  8. Area – 4 marks
  9. Limit , continuity and derivability–8 marks
  10. Conic section – 12 marks
  11. sequence and series – 8/4 marks

Syllabus – Quadratic equations in real and complex number system and their solutions. Relation between roots and co-efficients, nature of roots, formation of quadratic equations with given roots.

Quadratic Equation Notes Pdf- https://drive.google.com/open?id=14JckUVUE6QdHsPJqw3A2GfXGVGUD4ey3

Quadratic Equation Previous year- https://drive.google.com/open?id=14KadKL12P4G0TK_J6sMevVIR7HUl5vCN

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