Physical Education Class 12 Deleted Syllabus you can Skip : CBSE 2020

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This year CBSE have implemented various changes in the pattern and syllabus as well , wether its chemistry syllabus or it is Physical education syllabus.

Earlier there use to be 12 chapters in PHYSICAL EDUCATION but this year the board has cut short the syllabus , and now there will be 10 Chapters only and few topics of old chapters is also deleted . IN THIS BLOG BELOW i have given you 1 screenshot & PDF of DELETED syllabus , hopefully it will help you out .

So, your board examinations are around the corner, we hope that you all are working really hard to achieve the goals you all have set for your board examinations. You all must be knowing that from the year 2020, your vocational subjects examinations will be started in the month of February and main subjects examinations will start in the first week of March. So, now it is important for you all to wind up with your syllabus by mid November and then devote your full time for your revision work to get better results.

Now, for revision it is important that you all know about the weightage that each and every chapter will hold to make your preparations much more better. With the help of these CBSE Class 12th All Subjects Latest Blueprints, you can get the complete idea of how much weightage that particular chapter will hold and how much time you have to give to that particular chapter. Download CBSE board exam sample papers also and match them with the papers. With the help of these CBSE Class 12th All Subjects Latest Marking Scheme 2020, you can distribute your time equally among all the subjects, because you will be able to know that how much weightage the chapter will hold and how much time you have to give to that chapter.


Unit I: Planning in Sports
Unit II: Sports & Nutrition
Unit III: Yoga & Lifestyle
Unit IV: Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children With Special Needs – Divyang)
Unit V: Children & Women in Sports
Unit VI: Test & Measurement in Sports
Unit VII: Physiology & Injuries in Sports
Unit VIII: Biomechanics & Sports
Unit IX: Psychology & Sports
Unit X: Training in Sports
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DOWNLOAD- Deleted Syllabus Class 12 PHYSICAL Education.

Download- Physical education Important questions Class 12

Download – Quick Revision Notes PHYSICAL EDUCATION class 12

Download PHYSICS Important Question class 12

Download CHEMISTRY Important questions Class 12

Download BIOLOGY important questions Class 12

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